we bare bears:)

Ice Bear is the youngest of the trio, but is, undoubtedly, the strongest and, in some respects, the most mature of them. He was able to rescue his older brothers from certain death without too much hassle and is quick to jump into action if he finds a threat arising. He cares for both of his brothers dearly. He tends to do most of the chores of the house, though he doesn’t seem to mind this. Despite his willingness to pitch in where the others don’t, he still takes days off to relax and unwind. Not only is he a smart and strong bear, but he’s also essential to the Bears’ brotherhood.


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Nuna suka ice bear. Nuna sayang ice bear


Ice Bear is an anthropomorphic polar bear. His body is completely covered in white fur. (Sometimes, it has a very light shade of yellow/brown, but like a lighter blue. Slightly more so than the white fur of Panda.) Even though he is the youngest of the Bears[2], he is taller, thinner, and stronger than his older brothers


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